FAQ is added and we are Google+’d!

We apologise for the long wait for our FAQ to be published. We were very busy with sorting out something to be included in each kebaya purchase *hint hint* 😉 Well, after gathering questions we think you might ask, you already asked and also some input from our Facebook fans, the FAQ is now available from any pages of our website. For now, the questions and answers are simply straight forward but from time to time, we will add more specific questions and elaborate answers.

We also decided to add the Google +1 button next to our Facebook and Twitter buttons on the website to complete our collection! 🙂 It looks like Google+ will be the next big thing on social media and their user base is increasing every day! We realized the potential and how it can help us with what we are trying to achieve with Royal Kebaya. So don’t forget to share about Royal Kebaya with your circles! Learn more on Google+


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