Royal Kebaya’s products and services are of excellent quality. I dont have to elaborate much on how good it is, the webpage tells a lot on how serious Royal Kebaya is in providing the best products and services to the customers. Please try and order one, you would never regret it.


I was super excited and extremely happy to receive my orders by hand! Love the packaging sooo much that I still keep the complimentary gift (mini wooden kebaya) and the box. Can’t wait to wear my gorgeous Royal Kebaya. Great job Ash!!


The Kebayas from Royal Kebaya are indeed royal. They are made of high quality fabrics and beautifully tailored. There are many patterns to choose from, one for every taste and event. Even back in Europe there are many occasions to wear and possibilities to combine your Royal Kebaya with other garment pieces. I can only recommend to acquire your next elegant kebaya from Royal Kebaya!